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“There was this longing in my heart to seek God more,” recalls Noel Hermoso. “I wasn’t contented with what I was doing in the ministry so I decided to spend long hours in prayer, listening to God. I didn’t know that He was going to bring me and ... read more

Losing a loved one can cripple you for weeks, months, or even years — no one can tell. But from the perspective of someone fresh from the trauma of losing a child, ACM trainee Fe Montenegro gives assurance that if one seeks peace and love from the Lord,... read more

“The hour I first believed, I admitted that I was weak and needed help. And in a snap, an unexpected help arrived — my life was changed forever after that.” These are the resounding words of Ginnie*, a Filipino missionary who lives in a city in Wes... read more

They threw her in prison and considered her a communist for reading the bible and sharing her faith. She lived in an era where almost everything is prohibited—whether it’s a small act of kindness, a parcel of hope for the poor and the oppressed, and e... read more

She got pregnant at the age of 18 and became a single parent at 33. She endured a lot just to make a living. She was able to send her kids to school and put food on the table. She loved them dearly. And when God told her, “It’s now time to leave,” s... read more

The Isorena family has been serving Christ in Thailand for over four years now. When they first arrived, they had nothing but their luggage and their faith in their caring God. Richard and Dang trusted God especially for the education of their two childre... read more

Becoming a full-time missionary was not his dream job, in fact, he hated Christians and persecuted them. Then one day, a transcendent God got in the way and changed him. It was during his teenage years back in the 70s when he first attended a camp and enc... read more

This year, the Lord has graciously enabled me to be a part of the MCare team who went to Thailand and Cambodia to help minister to missionaries and their families. Ten members comprised our team, five, including me, were ACM staff, while the other five we... read more

An average of 3,000 Filipinos leave their country every day as overseas Filipino workers, or OFWs. Imagine if such potential workforce could be bringing with them, not only skills and talents, but more importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ to various co... read more