“I firmly believe that this batch will shake the world”, testified by a trainee ministering to the Aetas as one local Aeta was healed and has started attending the church after being prayed for during the training. With a unique set of trainees, the A... read more

Missionary Retreat and Conference in Thailand The annual Water Festival, Songkran, marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year. The government usually gives extended holidays in the country during this time. This break allows for many to plan a n... read more

The Asian Center for Missions recently initiated a free coffee activity on January 29 at our Makati Office. We were happy to serve Kalinga coffee to around 300 people who visited us that day from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. We praise the Lord for the time to kno... read more

The Asian Center for Missions currently holds a screening for applicants who want to join the MTP Batch 34 in Makati. Interested applicants may register at http://bit.ly/MTPNCRBatch34 . If the Lord has impressed missions in your heart and sense that you a... read more

“I can see that it’s Kairos “opportune” time for harvest in Mindanao. The people are suffering. The people are seeking. They need Isa Al Masih as Lord and Savior. Mindanao is for the Lord. All tribes belong to the Lord.”, declares Pastor Rodolfo... read more

“There was this longing in my heart to seek God more,” recalls Noel Hermoso. “I wasn’t contented with what I was doing in the ministry so I decided to spend long hours in prayer, listening to God. I didn’t know that He was going to bring me and ... read more

Losing a loved one can cripple you for weeks, months, or even years — no one can tell. But from the perspective of someone fresh from the trauma of losing a child, ACM trainee Fe Montenegro gives assurance that if one seeks peace and love from the Lord,... read more