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Did you know that the Great Commission can be solved by simple math?

  • There are more than 7,000 least reached people groups (LRPs) around the world waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • In the Philippines, there are more than 75,000 registered Christian churches.
  • If 10 or more Filipino churches agree to pray for one specific LRP and commit to send a missionary team to that people group, then every nation and every culture will finally experience the goodness of God’s Kingdom!

Is your church ready to apply this simple solution?

The Asian Center for Missions (ACM), CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, believes that for the Philippines to be a great missionary-sending nation, it should respond as a unified Body of Christ—a bayan of missional communities working together to bring the Gospel to the LRPs of Asia and the 10/40 Window, where access to the Gospel is hampered by poverty, religions, or governments.

What are missional communities?

They are missions-minded churches, ministries, organizations, families, and individuals who are actively and wholeheartedly involved in bringing the Gospel to the LRPs through prayer, mobilization, and missionary deployment.

ACM can help your church and community be engaged in world missions through many ways:

  • ACM can introduce the cause of the Least Reached Peoples of the world to your church and denomination for adoption in prayer and support.
  • ACM can offer up a Kairos Training Course and Bayan, Bayani, Anihan Workshop to introduce World Missions in your church.
  • Church leaders and workers can be scholars of ACM’s Missionary Training Program (MTP), an intensive course designed to equip Christians towards effective cross-cultural ministry.
  • ACM constantly works with you to prepare and support MTP scholars for deployment and become full-fledged missionaries of your missional community.
  • ACM can help build the cause of missions by helping your church or faith community design your own mission awareness programs, build prayer and support network for missionaries, and conduct relevant seminars for the establishment of OFW family care ministry in the church.