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Are you being called by God to be a missionary but are still uncertain how to begin?

CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) can help you make that important first step. ACM offers an intensive two and a half year Missionary Training Program (MTP) that provides cutting-edge and relevant training to a new breed of OFWs—Overseas Filipino Witnesses who are effective in cross-cultural ministry.

ACM’s MTP is a practical, holistic, and intensive program that equips full-time missionaries and tentmakers to be resilient, skilled, and well-rounded workers. It is designed to mold a disciplined, consistent and passionate bayani of the Good News.

Since 1995, ACM has helped deploy more than 600 MTP graduates to over 40 nations. They are now transforming communities, planting churches and ministries, and discipling thousands among the least reached people groups of Asia and the 10/40 Window.

It is comprised of:

  • Four months of classroom instruction
  • Two weeks of local exposure trip
  • Two years of language and culture learning in the targeted least reached people group


Some of the topics covered during the training include world missions, cross-cultural anthropology, leadership development, effective communication, missionary life, team building and more.

  • A clear divine call from God to be a missionary
  • Integrity of character
  • At least two years of good and effective ministry
  • Full support of local church
  • Established support from a missional community or individuals
  • Sound theological foundation
  • Effective communication skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Good physical health
  • Ideally from 25 to 60 years old
  • For married applicants, written consent of spouse


    • Vanesa Pagsiat

      Hi ACM,
      When will be the start of the two and a half year training?

      • Web Admin

        Hi Vanesa, our class schedules and venues will depend on the availability of trainees since most are young professionals with full-time jobs. Where are you located, we may have a class starting nearby?

        • Vanesa Pagsiat

          Im from Bohol po. Cebu is my nearest location.

    • blessed s. de guzman

      how to join this missionary training program is there any fee and when

      • Web Admin

        Hello Blessed, there is no fee for our Missionary Training Program but there is an application process that includes an interview with our Training & Deployment Coordinators. May we ask for your location in order to properly direct you to the closest coordinator?

    • kathlyn kaye b. salang

      Is this a full time work?

      • Web Admin

        Hi Kathlyn, the Missionary Training Program is a holistic scholarship training program for those who have the call for cross-cultural missions. If you’re interested to know more, we’d be glad to speak with you personally!

    • Lorena Liu

      Hi. Good morning. I’d like to join this program. How? Thank you & God bless you all.

      • Web Admin

        Hi Lorena! We’re truly blessed that you have the heart for missions! We have offices in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. If you could email your contact details to so we could get you in touch with our closest regional office.

        • Lorena

          A blessed day to you 🙂 I already sent my contact details to ‘looking forward to your response. Thank you.

          • Web Admin

            Thank you Lorena, we’ve received your email and forwarded your contact details to our Training & Deployment Coordinator.

    • Beth

      I desire to be train but I am working here in Cambodia as I have a heart for the mission

      • Web Admin

        Hi Beth, it is truly a wonderful blessing to hear from people who have a heart for missions. At the moment we do not have training facilities in Cambodia, but if you can send your contact details to we may be able to work something out in the future!

    • Augustine

      how can I join the training program my
      desire is for me to become a missionary to carry the word of God to the unreach place

      • Web Admin

        Hello Augustine! Thank you for showing interest in our Missionary Training program, please send your contact details and location to so we can connect you with our closest regional office.

    • Michael canoy

      I would like to be a missionary im from davao im michael

      • Web Admin

        Hi Michael! We’re blessed you have a heart for missions, we’ve forwarded your contact details to our Training & Deployment Coordinator in Davao.

        • marlene arguelles

          hello admin.
          i would like to inquire for the MTP. presently im in Turkey as an ofw but i really have this calling to share the gospel of God.! and im very much willing to learn. I always keep on watching the 700 club asia that gives me more desire to let others know that God is alive & truly loves us.
          is there a chance to be part of the program?

          im Looking forward for your reply at your most convenient time.


          • Web Admin

            Hello Marlene! We’re so glad to hear from you all the way in Turkey! Please check the email address you used for this comment.

    • Augustine Richard

      it,s me Augustine Richard am from Nigeria
      plateau state

      • Web Admin

        Hello Augustine. Good to hear from you!

    • Augustine Richard

      how can I get info on how to apply am from Nigeria

      • Web Admin

        Hi Augustine, good to hear from you! Unfortunately, we do not have any opportunities in Africa at this time but we are continuing to pray for partnership growth on a global scale for the future!

    • Augustine Richard

      hi it is Augustine Richard from Nigeria I get to know there is not link in Africa but can I get opportunity to come over to Asia and join the training programs I will take care of my self in all aspect my dreams is to be in missionary training field
      and to minister the world of God thank you may God bless you

      • Web Admin

        Hi Augustine, we apologise for any misunderstanding. We would be glad to accommodate you for our training, however we can only provide scholarship for the training itself, please email us and we will be glad to further discuss our Missionary Training Program.

    • Nelrose S. Tagway

      Hi admin, I’m from Davao. I love life with a mission. And I don’t know where to start. I’m considering to apply in this program. How can I connect to you?

      • Web Admin

        Good morning Nelrose,

        It’s amazing to learn that you have a passion to serve in the missions field, please send your contact details to so we can get you in touch with our Mindanao Training & Deployment Coordinator.

        God bless you!

        • Nelroses S. Tagway

          Hi Admin, I’ve sent already my contact info. Please let me know if you receive it. Thank you.

          • Web Admin

            Hi Nelrose, yes we have received your email. Thank you!

    • Aiko Guia Quijance

      Hi po. I’m from general santos city. I’m interested for the training. Is there a possibility that can I join?

      • Web Admin

        Hi Aiko! We’d love to talk to you more about our Missionary Training Program, please send your contact details to so we can get you in touch with our Training & Deployment Coordinator in Mindanao.

    • Eugene Bicomong

      how often is the class and how much is the tuition fee?

      • Web Admin

        Hi Eugene, thank you for your interest in our Missionary Training Program. If you could provide your location, we’ll get you in touch with our closest Training & Deployment Coordinator for more details.

    • Leika

      Good day, I am leika. I am interested to be a missionary. As I read qualification age 25 to 60. im 22 years old. Am I capable to attend the training? l

      • Web Admin

        Hi Leika, we’ve received your email and responded to your inquiry there. God bless!

    • Marlie M. Sario

      I wish to attend the trainings

    • Cecilia Vasquez

      Wish to attend trainings

      • Web Admin

        Hi Cecilia! We have a Missionary Training Program class coming up on October in our Makati Training Facility. Please send your contact details to so we can get you in touch with our Training & Deployment Officer.

    • Markie herado

      Ever since i want to serve the lord in anyways.
      How can i join? Is thier a fee or registration on the program..

      • Web Admin

        Good day Markie,

        Thank you for messaging us. Our Missionary Training Program is a scholarship program, however, there is a stringent application process. For more information and details on the next available class in your area, please send your contact information to

    • Leonard Maina

      My wife and I are mobilizing Africans for missions to Asia for the unreached peoples of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Mongolia, Japan and Vietnam. Is this training only available for Filipinos or it can be availed to starting African missionaries as well and others? I am currently in Manila working with a missions focused church in Tay Tay, but feeling that ACM offers solid experience that we can tap into as well.

      • Web Admin

        Good morning Leonard! Our Missionary Training Program is open for all nationalities, however, at this time we can only host training within the Philippines. Our Makati Training Facility will be starting a class on October 9th, you and your wife may register online at

    • Marieta Cortez

      Ii have a heart for mission and im praying for a clear direction from God, I wish to attend the training, please guve me more details about the missionary training. Thank you , shalom

      • Web Admin

        Hi Marieta, thank you for messaging us! We’ve forwarded your inquiry to our Training & Deployment Officer, Ms. Ianne, so she can discuss with your further about our Missionary Training Program.

    • Regie Oraya

      Hï, Just to ask if you have an available MTP for working…like a schedule of 6pm onward?


      • Web Admin

        Hi Regie, our Missionary Training Program will be scheduled around the available hours of the trainees. Please register at and our Training & Deployment Officer, Ms Ianne, will contact you with the details.


      Hi, have a blessed day, im very interested to your program its my desire to part of it. thank you Godbless you in a more ways.

      • ACM Webmaster

        Thank you, Angelo. We are looking forward to have you with one of our programs. Please keep yourself posted for future courses under ACM. Keep the desire burning for God’s glory.

    • marilyn cabral camacho

      hello, nice to have your group/organization because I believed this is what we are being called for, a people of destiny to be a missionary to our neighboring countries and around the world. Hope i can enroll this coming june for your missionary training course. GOD BLESS US ALL.

      • ACM Webmaster

        Thank you for expressing your desire to be trained. We would be happy to have you at our MTP course. We will keep you posted once we open a new MTP near you.

    • Agnes M. Segunla

      Good day! It is my desire to be a part of your program. May I know the details on how to enrol and be part of it. Blessings

      • ACM Webmaster

        Praise God for the desire he puts in your heart. We have our upcoming Missionary Training Program (MTP) in Bohol and Makati this February. If you have not yet undergone this training and would want to be a missionary, we encourage you to join the MTP first. To register, visit (Contact # 09985914861) or Looking forward to hear from you!

    • Ching

      Hi….my name is Ching and I am looking to involved in MTP I have look in many but the fee payment is too high and I thank God to come ACM. How do I become a part of MTP.

      • ACM Webmaster

        Hello, Ching. Praise God for the desire He put in your heart. We have 3 upcoming MTPs this February: Luzon (ACM Makati Office); Visayas (Tagbilaran, Bohol); and Mindanao (Tagum). You may register at for MTP Makati; register at for MTP Bohol; or contact our Mobilizations Coordinator at 09985914863 for MTP Tagum. Application is still open. We hope to hear from you!

    • dickson LU fabian

      hello maam , I am willing to be a missionary , I am a pastor herein Davao city

      • ACM Webmaster

        Our application for MTP Tagum is still open. You may want to message our coordinator 0998-591-4863 for inquiries.

    • Ariel L. Silvero

      I have been watching CBN asia for how many years and God used CBN asia to change my life. I am 22 years old and currently working as an online ESL teacher for koreans, chinese and japanese. God wants me to share the Gospel in different place though I already overcame it before when I was doing campus ministry but now that I am working; it seems that i am like a prison to my job and responsibility to my family. I really want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly my heart is crying for the young generation. I hope I will have an opportunity to become part of your mission and I pray that God will give me a right and pure heart for my calling. Thank you!

      • ACM Webmaster

        Hi, Ariel. Thank you for sharing your heart for God’s mission with us. If you want to serve the Lord as a missionary and would want to undergo training, ACM offers a Missionary Training Program. For this year, we have two more upcoming training as of this reply: one in Tagum and one in NCR (specific venue will be announced). Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to know the latest updates about this training. God bless you!

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