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Are you being called by God to be a missionary but are still uncertain how to begin?

CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) can help you make that important first step. ACM offers an intensive two and a half year Missionary Training Program (MTP) that provides cutting-edge and relevant training to a new breed of OFWs—Overseas Filipino Witnesses who are effective in cross-cultural ministry.

ACM’s MTP is a practical, holistic, and intensive program that equips full-time missionaries and tentmakers to be resilient, skilled, and well-rounded workers. It is designed to mold a disciplined, consistent and passionate bayani of the Good News.

Since 1995, ACM has helped deploy more than 600 MTP graduates to over 40 nations. They are now transforming communities, planting churches and ministries, and discipling thousands among the least reached people groups of Asia and the 10/40 Window.

It is comprised of:

  • Four months of classroom instruction
  • Two weeks of local exposure trip
  • Two years of language and culture learning in the targeted least reached people group


Some of the topics covered during the training include world missions, cross-cultural anthropology, leadership development, effective communication, missionary life, team building and more.

  • A clear divine call from God to be a missionary
  • Integrity of character
  • At least two years of good and effective ministry
  • Full support of local church
  • Established support from a missional community or individuals
  • Sound theological foundation
  • Effective communication skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Good physical health
  • Ideally from 25 to 60 years old
  • For married applicants, written consent of spouse


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